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Blueberry Work Isn’t Just For August…

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The Jones Family Farm has been a buzz this past week or so with all kinds of activity as the longer day light hours and a little bit warmer temperatures have allowed us to work on some of our crops.

Many people don’t realize that our crops have to be managed practically year round.

As an example, we’ve captured some recent work in our Blueberry fields located on the Valley Farm portion of the property.

We have crews working out in the fields pruning back the older branches on the blueberry bushes, so that the younger, fruit bearing, branches can flourish.

Standing in the aisles with a lot of water around, the crew uses pruning clippers and larger ‘loppers’ to remove the branches that have given up the majority of their lives fruit already.

We have a lot of blueberry bushes to prune as Spring is about to get here, so if you happen to be driving by our Valley Farm and see us working way out there in the fields, you’ll know what we’re doing.

When you come to pick your own blueberries later this summer, hopefully you’ll remember back to the kind of work that goes into these wonderful fruits.

[click on the photos for larger versions]


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