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Sunrise Service – March 24, 2008

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Every year the Jones Family invites a few local congregations to join them for a Sunrise Service on Easter morning at the farm.

The cars began rolling in around 6:00am and friends, old and new, began their walk through the main farm yard and eventually up to Candy Cane Hill where a large grass field (used as a parking lot during Christmas Tree Season) awaited them.

This year Easter fell extremely early in the year and the early morning March temperatures helped to keep us all awake on our hike up Candy Cane hill. According to Farmer Jones, the temperature was hovering around 20 degrees and a cool breeze was helping to bring the feel down to about 15.

Bundled in hats, gloves, scarfs, ski jackets, blankets and more, everyone gathered as the moon set in the West and the sun was getting ready to rise out in the East.

Seventy-five programs were printed up for the event and we ran out while the stream of people was still flowing up the hill from the parking lot. An estimate of at least 100 people isn’t too far off for the numbers on the hill. Hand shakes and hugs were exchanged as people greeted each other and added to the circle on the hill.

The huddled mass of people gathered close as prayers and readings were given by a few local clergy. Hymns were sung along to a single trumpet player as the tones from his horn filled the crisp morning air.

After the service came to an end the group turned their attentions to the far hill in the East. Quicker than one would expect, the large yellow sun rose above the tree line, spreading its orange-yellow glow over everyone. Within mere minutes the sun was completely out from behind the hill and morning had arrived in full.

Many cameras (digital, film, video) were poised to capture this moment and then the group turned to walk back down the hill. With friends of the farm leading the way, the group made its way down from Candy Cane Hill and either to their cars to return home and spend Easter with their family or to gather in the Harvest Kitchen here on the farm.

In the Harvest Kitchen the Jones Family invited all to coffee and some tasty treats. Meghan in the Harvest Kitchen had prepared some snacks such as lemon squares, buttermilk bisquits, blueberry crumb squares, cranberry-orange mini muffins and more. The group piled in to the Harvest Kitchen and from the happy looks on everyone’s faces, enjoyed it all very much.

[click on the photos for larger versions]


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