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Picking, Pruning and Pumpkins!

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Hello friends!

OK, it’s been a while, but have you seen these blueberries? They need help getting to your kitchens, so that’s where I was. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

We’ve been having a stretch of some VERY beautiful summer days and you can always tell by how far the sunflowers are stretching to the sun. It’s like they are trying to reach out and touch those puffy white clouds.

Blueberry season is winding down quickly and it’s important that you call the Farmer Jones Crop Report Line at 203-929-8425 to find out which days we are open for retail and for what hours. This is very much the end of the season, but we do still have some berries hanging in there waiting for you.

So, what else is going on around the farm these days? What ISN’T? Did you know that every single one of our Christmas trees gets pruned and shaped by hand, every year, before you come to harvest your own family tree? We wouldn’t want them to be all wild looking for you, now would we? That major task is currently in process with a lot of those young folks you’ve seen working at retail, out in the fields pruning the trees. This process will continue through September, October and November to get everything ready for your traditional visit to Jones at Christmas time.

Hey, what’s that hiding under those gigantic green leaves all around the farm these days? PUMPKINS!! October is closer than you realize and we’re busy right now, here at Jones, growing our pumpkins, gourds, squashes, and more for you when you visit us at Pumpkin Seed Hill this fall! Hayrides, corn maze, apples, cider, themed photo opportunities and so much more are in store. The entire farm is working hard to get this season ready for you.

And finally, how could we not mention the grapes? Our vineyards are showing off their beautiful grapes now and in a little bit, our farmers will be harvesting our crops of grapes to get ready for new wines coming your way from the wonderful Jones Winery. Have you visited our tasting room yet this summer? If so, you’ve noticed that our historic dairy barn (was our Holiday gift shop) is currently under major renovations to become an even bigger and better tasting room and gift shop. We hope to have it done by Christmas.

Thanks to all of you that have been reading (we miss you John L!) and sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while.

See you in the fields!


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