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Happy Memorial Day!

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Hello gang!

We had a blast ‘marching’ along the Shelton/Derby Memorial Day parade route yesterday! We got to see a lot of old friends and hopefully we made some new ones!

Did you see us? Are you enjoying your Strawberry information or your Jones Family Farms summer reading bookmark? We sure hope so.

Some popular questions we heard all morning were:

“When are the strawberries ready?”
– As with everything on a farm, the weather plays a big part in that answer. Usually we could find some pick-able berries the 2nd or 3rd week of June. Sometimes it’s been earlier, sometimes it’s been later. We won’t know until the berries show up. Keep checking our website and the Farmer Jones Hotline (203-929-8524) for information as it becomes available to us.

“Wow, where did the new logos on the t-shirts come from?”
Thanks for noticing! Gwyn Jones designed the beautiful new Jones Family Farms logo and we have some other great looking designs coming from Gwyn for each crop!

Where’s the wine?
– We thought throwing glass bottles into the crowd might have been a bad idea – come up to the farm for a tasting. 🙂


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