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Jones Family Farms on Food Network Wenesday Night – FACEBOOK CHALLENGE

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Just a reminder that Jones Family Farms in Shelton, CT will be seen this Wednesday (Nov 11th) at 9PM EST on Throwdown With Bobby Flay on the Food Network. The entire show was filmed on Jones Family Farms this past September.

From the Food Network’s website: “Michele Albano of Michele’s pies in Norwalk, CT is taking the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie to new heights with her newest creation, the decadent Maple Pumpkin with Pecan Streusel Pie. Michele has won many awards for her delicious pies, but she has never had to compete against an Iron Chef. Stay tuned to see whose pie will squash the competition!”

Also, we are just past our halfway mark for the Facebook Challenge between Jones Family Farms and Bishop’s Farm in Guilford. The farms are vying to see who can get the most new Facebook fans between Oct 22nd and Thanksgiving. Both farms have reached their goals of 2500 new fans each and $5000 total will be donated by the farms to The Valley United Way, The Guilford Community Fund and the Working Lands Alliance.

However, bragging rights are still up for grabs! The farmer with less new fans by Thanksgiving will travel to the winning farm and put in a good honest days work during the Christmas season.

The best part of this competition has been the fan interaction on the Facebook pages. People have been recounting favorite memories and family traditions here at the farm and it’s really special to be able to share in all of that. It’s also fun to see the pride people have in our farm, they want us to win. We have a nice Facebook community now and hopefully more people will continue to join before Thanksgiving – bragging rights are always fun!


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