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CRAFT in Connecticut

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As apprentices at Jones Family Farms, we have the priveledge of being able to participate in the CRAFT in Western Connecticut program. CRAFT stands for Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training. This group allows apprentices from various farms in Western Connecticut to obtain training, exchange ideas, and form a community of apprentices. Each month, we meet together at one of the participating farms to tour the farm and learn about the farming practices being utilized there. Afterwards, we join together for a potluck meal.

This month we met at Chubby Bunny Farm in Falls Village, Connecticut. Chubby Bunny Farm currently has 10 acres of sustainable vegetable production and 40 acres of pasture, hay fields, greenhouses, and barns. The vegetables are sold through a CSA as well as farmers markets.

It began to rain as we did the tour of the farm, but that did not keep us from seeing the wonderful vegetable gardens, the chickens, the cow, and the pigs! It was great to hear how another farmer manages weeds, handles plantings, and runs a CSA program. The sun came out in time for the potluck, which was held in the barn by the open barn doors, looking out on the pastures and fields. It was great to meet other apprentices from the area and to hear about the farms where they are working.


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