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We have just finished up our four day nutrition conference, and  what a great time we had! About 2 dozen nutrition and health professionals from around the country gathered at the farm on Sunday through Wednesday to participate in the conference hosted by Field to Plate. The topic of the conference was “From Nutrition Prescription to the Living Kitchen: Moving from the Handout to the Plate.”

There was a wonderful blend of nutrition, food, agriculture, and culinary throughout the event. The main focus was on the need for nutrition professionals to get past the complex science of nutrition to make nutrition and food practical and fun for their patients.We were able to learn techniques to enable patients and clients to feel comfortable with food and be able to cook to meet the needs of their specific disease or condition. So often, nutrition patients are handed a stack of handouts and diet orders and they do not know how to use them. Nutrition professionals need to make food understandable for their patients.

During the four days of activities, we were able to work as groups on case studies, hear from the speakers, cook in the kitchen, and do a taste-test activity. We also had time to hear from Terry and Jean Jones about the farm and the farming practices that they use. Jean gave us a tour of the farm, as well as led a discussion about food and agriculture mis-perceptions and other agriculture issues.

It was a wonderful time of learning, inspiration, fellowship, and food!


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