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The Blueberries are HERE!

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The blueberries are following the lead of the strawberries, and have arrived two weeks early this year. With the hot, dry weather we are already in peak blueberry picking season! The berries are delicious; we currently have Blue Ray and Blue Crop varieties available for picking . Later in the season, we will have Coville, Blue Jay, and Patriot blueberry varieties. While it is fun to pick strawberries, it is a welcome change to be able to harvest the blueberries while standing up!

Just prior to the opening of blueberry season, the summer staff participated in a three day “blueberry school,” very similar to the one we had for strawberries. This was a chance for us to learn about the blueberries that are grown at Jones Family Farms! We learned about everything related to these wonderful berries – the growing period of different blueberry varieties, the history of the berries on the farm, and how blueberry retail is handled at the farm. We also did a cooking class with where we experimented with different blueberry recipes. The summer interns and apprenti made some delicious dishes, such as blueberry-rasberry smoothies, blueberry pie, blueberry balsamic vinaigrette, and blueberry chicken salad. The recipes are available for free in our brochures, which are available at the check-out retail huts at our Pumpkin Seed Hill and Valley farm locations!

As we work out in the blueberry fields each day, it is great to see many returning customers that we met during the strawberry season. We enjoy hearing what customers have planned for the big boxes of beautiful berries that they carry out of the fields. Blueberries are here and everyone is excited! Come join in the fun!

-Emily & Jul


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