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Summertime Harvest

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When summertime comes, all of the produce seems to mature at once! While the springtime brought a steady supply of kale, swiss chard, and lettuce, we are suddenly striving to keep up with an abundance of veggie varieties that come during this time of year! Cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, beets, potatoes, and garlic have joined the daily harvest along with the kale and lettuce. And don’t forget the corn! Ears and ears of corn are here at the farm, and while corn is wonderfully delicious to eat, we can’t keep up with all of it! This week, we spent some time freezing some of the corn for future use in the Harvest Kitchen.

Freezing corn is very easy to do and is well worth the effort, as it keeps that wonderfully fresh, sweet corn flavor to enjoy during the winter months. Freezing corn is done by blanching corn while on the cob. After blanching in boiling water, the cobs are placed into ice water to stop the cooking process. Then the kernals are cut off the cob and placed into freezer bags.

You can find great directions for freezing corn at this website: They also have directions for processing almost any other type of produce as well. It is wonderfully satisfying to take the fresh harvest and process it for future use.


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