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Getting Ready for Pumpkins!

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As Blueberry season has been winding down, preparations have begun for the pumpkin season this fall. One of the barns here at the farm has been transformed into a bustling workshop where we have been busy touching up props and displays from past years for use in this year’s pumpkin festivities. Everything needs a fresh coat of paint to look its best for the fall season.

While we are busy painting away, the fall crops are busy growing in the fields. The hot weather is causing the plants to grow extremely well. Here is a sneak preview of the corn maze; I can almost see the corn getting taller every day!

The pumpkin plants are getting huge too. There are plenty of pumpkins growing larger and larger beneath all of those leaves. When the plants were much smaller, we spent many hours and days weeding the pumpkin fields. Now that the pumpkin plants are so large, we no longer need to weed around them. Here is an interesting photo comparison of one of the fields at Pumpkin Seed Hill here at the farm. The photo on the left was taken on July 10. The photo on the right shows the same field one month later on August 10. See how much larger the pumpkin plants grew in that time. Now you can see why we don’t have to weed around them any longer!


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