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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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We’re still VERY excited about our first egg…and thinking about that cold winter in March when the chicks arrived by mail from Meyer’s Hatchery in Ohio. Twenty eight peeping chicks that survived a trip halfway across the country in the middle of winter.  The chicks arrived a little earlier than planned and spent their first few weeks in a swimming pool in the living room, where they were protect from temperature changes and predators.

They made for great company, aside from their constant peeping and messy tendancies.

When the chicks were a few weeks old and it became a challenge to keep them from jumping out of the pool, they moved out to the sunporch.  Shovels of fresh dirt and veggie scraps kept them occupied while we waited for warmer weather to arrive and a chance to build a real chicken coop!


Betty White is now 19 weeks old and laying eggs.  Hopefully the other girls will follow suit and begin to lay soon!  We’re already dreaming of all of the omelets, pancakes, egg salad, deviled eggs, cakes, brownies, cookies, and QUICHE that we plan on eating this fall!  Do you have any good egg recipes you would recommend?


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