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Canning Tomatoes

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Today was canning day in the kitchen. We made good use of the bountiful supply of tomatoes in the garden by making tomato sauce and canning it for use during the coming year.

The process began by going up to the Harvest Kitchen Garden to harvest four large crates of tomatoes. The tomatoes were then washed and quartered to be put through the electric food mill. The food mill separates the pulp and juice from the skin and seeds, leaving a smooth watery tomato puree.

The watery puree is then simmered in pots on the stove to allow it to thicken. When the sauce had reached the desired consistency, we put the sauce into sterilized canning jars, and boiled them in a boiling water canner. At the end of our day, we had 31 jars of tomato sauce that will be wonderful to use this winter for soups, sauces, and other tomato dishes. What a wonderful way to be able to enjoy the garden harvest all through the year!


One thought on “Canning Tomatoes

  1. I Emily,
    Great picture of you in the Harvest Kitchen….sounds like a lot of work!

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