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Ready For Winter

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As I type, the Harvest Kitchen garden is being tilled in and seeded to winter rye – a cover crop that will help to improve soil fertility, protect the land during the winter, and provide a straw mat beneath many of our transplants in the late spring.  We’ve moved the crops from the field to the freezer – where we will harvest for cooking classes and dinners until the springtime.

Last fall we had an autumn garden, filled with broccoli, cabbage, and winter greens.  We had planted some greens late this summer, but the dry weather left us with low germination.  Next spring we have plans to put in cold frames and expand our autumn garden, but for now we’ll just eat squash!

The turkeys were also harvested this morning.  At 22 weeks, they were significantly smaller than the domestic breed of turkey that Stone Gardens is raising and were 16 weeks old.  We’ll see how they taste!


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