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Holiday Cooking

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We finished out the Harvest Kitchen 2010 cooking class schedule with three cooking classes this week. Tuesday night we held a soup class. We made three types of soup and a hearty oat bread. It was a cold wintery night, and a perfect night for soup!

Wednesday our class was on the topic of “Gifts from the Kitchen.”  This was a fun class to learn some new gifts to give away for the holiday season, such as flavored vinegars, spice rubs, and truffles.

Thursday’s class was one of the most popular of the year, on the topic of Christmas cookies. While the classes are normally held in our teaching kitchen, we held this class in our large production kitchen, as it is better suited for baking in quantity. The class had a great time making 6 different types of cookies, and sampling them all once they were out of the oven.

I enjoyed being given the chance to help Chef Sherry with some of the class instruction in both the Gifts from the Kitchen and the Christmas Cookies classes. The cooking classes have been one of my favorite parts of the farm apprenticeship. I learned so much from Chef Sherry’s cooking experience, as well as being able to see how cooking classes are organized and run. The classes are now done for the year, but the Spring 2011 Cooking Class schedule is already out, and the kitchen staff is already getting ready for next year!


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