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Let the Planting Season Begin!

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After a long winter the farm is coming to life as a new season of planting begins. With 200 acres of land dedicated to growing Christmas trees, our farmers need to work quickly to plant all of our baby trees in March and April!

At Jones Family Farms we grow six varieties of Christmas trees from all over the country. Some of these tree varieties come to our farm as seeds while others arrive as small seedlings from nurseries. Many of these trees travel from different areas of the country, including Colorado, North Carolina, Vermont, and even New Mexico. Seeds and seedlings are planted in our tree nurseries, where the young trees gather nutrients from the soil to grow healthy and strong. Cover crops like winter rye help us to renew these soil nutrients and prevent erosion in the nurseries.

After a tree spends one to three years in the nursery (and is about 1 foot tall), our farmers will transplant it into one of our fields in place of a tree that was cut the previous Christmas. Every newly transplanted tree receives a ring of compost from our “Mulch Montain” to add extra nutrients to the soil and hold in moisture.

Our farmers will take care of these young trees for many years, protecting them from drought, disease, and hungry insects. Trees grow about one foot per year, so the Christmas trees you harvest in December are typically 8 to 12 years old!


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