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It’s Time to Bottle Wine

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The Tasting Room is open for the 2011 season and brimming with wine! Throughout the winter our winemakers, Jamie Jones and Larry McCulloch, have been hard at work creating distinctive wines from the 2010 grape harvest.

All of our wines are made on the farm at the Jones Winery, in a renovated army building that was once part of the Nike Missile Project in the 1950’s. Earlier this week we began bottling our 2010 vintage with Pinot Gris and Stonewall Chardonnay, and both wines are already available for sampling in the Tasting Room.

Our winemakers can bottle several hundred cases of wine in just one day using a bottling machine. Cases of bottles are loaded onto a conveyer belt, and one by one the bottles are pulled into a line. The machine cleans and sterilizes the bottles, fills them with wine, corks the top, presses the foil into a seal covering the cork, and wraps a label onto each bottle. We then load the bottles into boxes and transport them down the farm roads to our winery. So the bottle of wine that you purchase in the Tasting Room has traveled less than 1 mile from barrel to shelf!


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