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A New Field of Blues


Farmer Jones spacing blueberry plants

A new field of blueberries is taking shape on Pumpkinseed Hill! Our team of farmers spent a recent foggy morning planting hundreds of young blueberry bushes on a gently sloping hillside near our “Coyote Den” blueberry field. The weather conditions were perfect for transplanting the bushes without the stress of sun and heat. After soaking the roots, we spaced the plants a couple of feet apart and dug holes in the rocky hillside. The farmers kept an eye out for grubs that would attack the tender young roots if given the chance. After planting the blueberries at the proper depth, we filled in the holes with soil and pressed them gently into the ground with the tips of our shoes to make sure they were snug. In a couple of years this field will be bursting with delicious berries for our guests to pick!

A newly planted blueberry bush

2 thoughts on “A New Field of Blues

  1. Very neat! So what do the farmers do to get rid of the grubs should they find them?

    • Hi Tracy! Grubs are a huge challenge for farmers. They will often attack the roots of our plants, making it difficult for us to catch them in the act. If we find a blueberry plant with grubs we’ll remove it immediately to prevent the grubs from spreading through the field. If grubs are attacking crops like strawberries or pumpkins, we can use crop rotation to hopefully keep one step ahead of them. Unfortunately this isn’t an option with blueberries because they remain in one field for their entire lives. So the best we can do is try to stay one step ahead of them, and work with scientists from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven to develop new monitoring and prevention practices.

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