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Mystery Veggie


Catching some sun in the Valley Farm vegetable garden

Can anyone guess which type of vegetable this is growing in our Valley Farm garden? Hint: We’ll be harvesting this plant around the 4th of July!


11 thoughts on “Mystery Veggie

  1. Looks like corn.

  2. Looks like leeks to me…..

  3. I agree with the Leeks crowd.

  4. Are they Wiki Wiki Leeks?

  5. Hi folks! All you who guessed Garlic were correct! We have several different varieties of garlic growing this season. Our favorite is German Hardneck Garlic, which stores well through the winter and has great garlicky flavor. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be selling “green garlic” – small bulbs of garlic harvested early in the season. After that comes garlic “scapes” – the reproductive shoots of the plant that have mild garlic flavor and are great for making pesto. FINALLY around mid-July we’ll harvest the bulbs of garlic for sale at our daily vegetable stand and Friday Farmers’ Markets this summer!

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