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On Tuesday I helped out with another one of the non-retail jobs here on the farm. I helped bail the winter rye from the fields on Pumpkinseed hill.  The winter rye was mowed down last week .  A tractor with a bailing attachment was driven around the field. The attachment was like a mobile factory pulling the rye from the field and compacting it into square bails using a series of augers,gears, and arms, which then tied the bails tightly with cord to keep them together.  These bails then exited the back of the trailer and were deposited around the field.  This is where  other staff and I came in.  We walked around the field picking up the bails and organized them in the back of a trailer.

It was good hard work, but entirely enjoyable.  It couldn’t have been a nicer day to work outside with the sun out and the feeling of water soaking my shorts from the remaining rye stems.  I love this kind of work where you are covered in dirt and hay is in places you’re not sure how it got to. It’s days like these that remind me that I could never sit in an office. I’d rather be on my feet working with my hands.


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