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Native Lumber and a New Barn

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Day 1: First floor walls rise out of the foundation

A new building is quickly rising out of the fields on Pumpkinseed Hill. This summer we are building a new checkout barn in our Harvest Yard for guests to use during the busy berry and pumpkin seasons. Starting this pumpkin season, guests will have a beautiful enclosed space to bring their harvest and chat with the farmers after enjoying the crisp fall air. Everyone here at the farm is excited to watch the building quickly take shape over just a few short days. All of the beams and boards were pre-cut off site and brought up to the farm in sections, so that it only takes a couple of builders and a short amount of time to put the pieces together.

Day 1: The second floor goes up in the afternoon

But the most exciting part of this building project is the lumber source – all of the wood was grown and harvested on the farm. The trees that are going into this building were first planted by Philip Jones (the fourth generation of the family) almost eighty years ago in the area of the farm known as The Plantation. Philip began growing trees in the late 1930s as part of a 4H project, and soon developed a thriving lumber shop and christmas tree farm on the land. We harvested some of those old Plantation trees this past spring and had the wood cut to match the plans of our new barn. Next week four generations of Jones farmers (including Philip) will celebrate the construction of this beautiful building in a special ceremony. For years to come, the barn overlooking our fields and vineyards will provide a special reminder of this farm’s history and the people who have shaped its landscape.

Day 2: Ceiling beams in place. All of the lumber used in this building was grown right here on the farm!


One thought on “Native Lumber and a New Barn

  1. Nice sustainable construction using local lumber. You could apply for LEEDs certification.

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