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Something New at the Veggie Stand


Can you guess what the best-smelling job on the farm is? As if the photo wasn’t hint enough, it’s harvesting lavender! The lavender flowers have blossomed, so we spent some time during yesterday’s short-lived sun gathering bouquets to sell at the veggie stand this weekend.

We wake up bright and early each morning to harvest the lettuce, kale, beet greens and other wonderful veggies we are selling on a particular day, but lavender is different. It is one of the only crops we can harvest beforehand; all we need to do is wait for a sunny day! Yesterday, we used our time well and took care of the lavender so we would have more time this morning to gather our five different varieties of lettuce: green leaf, red leaf, red deer tongue, buttercrunch and romaine. Not to mention our newest veggie (and one of my personal favorites) zucchini!

The lavender doesn’t need to be fresh because dried lavender can be used in lots of recipes as well. One of our pickers was inspired when she saw the bouquets at our stand and mentioned lavender iced tea–which I absolutely need to try–but you can also add it to your favorite hot tea blend, make strawberry lavender jam, or lavender tartlets. So many possibilities! Do you have a favorite way to use lavender?


2 thoughts on “Something New at the Veggie Stand

  1. So beautiful – I can almost smell it through that screen! I have to pay you a visit, my dear little farmer friend.

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