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A Symbol of Luck

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Philip and Jamie Jones look on as a blue spruce is fastened to the top of a new barn

Yesterday morning the Jones family affixed a Colorado Blue Spruce to the top of the new checkout barn being built at Pumpkinseed Hill. The evergreen tree was part of a special barn topping ceremony as a symbol of good luck for the building’s future. The blue spruce also reflects the role several generations of Jones farmers have played in shaping the evolution of this farm. Philip Jones, the 4th generation of the family, planted the one hundred pine trees that were harvested to create the barn and began the tradition of growing christmas trees here at the farm. While Philip may have begun the evergreen trees on this land, his son and grandson have continued his work by continuing to plant varieties such as the blue spruce that now adorns the building. Hopefully this symbol of luck will provide us with a wonderful pumpkin harvest and beautiful fall days when it opens for its first season at the farm!


One thought on “A Symbol of Luck

  1. Beautiful beautiful barn raising … beautiful beautiful barn … that’s right out of Lewis Carroll!!!!!

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