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The Dog Days are Here!

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Early season blueberries at Pumpkinseed Hill

Another strawberry season is behind us, and several days of warm weather this week are quickly ripening the highbush blueberries! The “Dog Days” of summer are named for the dog star, Sirius, which comes into view around this time. It begins around July 3rd and is said to last 40 days, bringing hot, muggy weather to our midsummer. While the blueberries in some of our fields are still small and green, it won’t take long for them to turn purple-red and then deep blue as they become ready to pick! At our farm, we grow five varieties of highbush blueberries that ripen at different times during July and August. Two of our early season varieties, Bluejay and Bluecrop, area already covered in bunches of blue fruit. We also grow Patriot, Blueray, and Coville varieties, which will be ready a little later in the season. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in the fields for the 2011 season!


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