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Dinosaur Chips

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One of the most rewarding aspects of living on the farm is knowing where each of the ingredients in my food comes from. For dinner tonight, I had a stir fry with beet greens, potatoes, zucchini and garlic all from the farm. The zucchini, in particular, came from my very own backyard!

Both Lacinato and Tuscan Kale look very similar to dinosaur skin, so we like to call these Dinosaur Chips. I added a little cracked pepper along with salt on top of the chips before baking, but you should see what you’ve got in the kitchen and experiment! While I don’t necessarily prefer cheese, I know a handful of the other farmers here use cheese on theirs–just have fun with it!

1 Bunch Kale
2 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt/Pepper to Season

1. Wash kale leaves and remove vein (light green stem running through the center). Tear leaves into bite-sized pieces
2. Drizzle kale bites with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. For variations, try adding sesame seeds or parmesan cheese.
3. Bake in the oven at 350˚F for 10-15 minutes until the edges are light brown and crisp.


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