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An Intern Reflects on the Summer

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We’re heading towards the end of the summer berry season, the time when our summer interns head off to school or other adventures. It’s a bittersweet time of year, especially because we have become such a close knit team over the past several months. Here is a special guest post from Farmer Bria, one of our summer interns, as she looks back on her experiences (she’s working hard in the picture below). Thanks for a great summer Bria!

The summer staff hard at work weeding the strawberries to help keep the fields healthy

As another berry season comes to an end, thinking about going back to school is the very last “thought bubble” coming to mind. Friends are departing as early as this week for school and it baffles my mind that I won’t be able to say, “See you tomorrow!” again. For almost three months Jones Family Farms has been my family away from home. As a family we learned about the various fruits, vegetables, plants and trees growing on the farm all while having fun (thanks to our managers and the whole Jones family…even the smallest members). Did you know that in small amounts the “weed” oxalis is edible and pretty tasty as well? (I didn’t know until I saw a returning member of the summer staff take a little taste.)

My fondest memory of the whole learning process, one of millions, was bonding with my fellow staff members during a hike around the 400 acre farm. Farmer Shannon took us on a guided tour of the farm with a history lesson built in. It brought a little piece of every Jones generation to the farm that day. Very cool.

Jones Family Farms used to be just a place where I spent time with my mother and brother picking berries and pumpkins. This summer my whole perspective on farm life changed. I learned that local and seasonal food is the freshest and tastiest. I learned that farm work is hard but one of most rewarding forms of work I have done in my 25 years of life. And last but not least I found that the Jones family makes every one of their employees feel like a part of their family. And in turn we’re able to make guests at our farm feel comfortable and welcome with the staff so that their experience is just as special as ours.

Thank you Jones Family for a FANTASTIC summer!


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