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A Day in the Life: In the Kitchen

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Busy, busy day! We normally hold a few cooking classes during the week in the Harvest Kitchen, but it was a little different this morning–I led two of the demos! In my group, we put together a cucumber and feta salad along with a no-cook tomato sauce made with delicious Sun Gold Tomatoes. Both came out so phenomenally that there weren’t any leftovers.

Then, with little time to spare, Matt and I headed downstairs to get to work on some of the treats we will have for upcoming Farmers’ Markets. Scones, tea bread, granola; the usual goods we offer, but as usual, with a little twist that suits the weekly theme of our market. Granola was my task at hand and I was a little nervous having never baked it before, but when I popped open the lemonade bottle, I found a lovely surprise: the inside of the cap screamed “RELAX!”

Exactly what I needed, and the granola came out so well.

In our haste to get the kitchen all cleaned up, I didn’t have a chance to snap a photo of the granola, but that’s only more reason for you to head on over Friday to taste it for yourself!


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