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Storm Clean-up and Fun in the Sun

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We’ve reached that point of the summer where farm life begins to change dramatically. The blueberry fields have been emptied of berries, the summer staff has returned to school, and the full-time farm staff are enjoying a little well earned rest. Some of us have taken trips to Cape Cod or Maine to enjoy a change of scenery, while others have simply taken the time organize farmhouses and recharge before pumpkin season. By the end of Labor Day weekend the farm will be moving full steam ahead as we prepare for the next major harvest. It’s hard to believe that we are only 3 1/2 weeks away from the beginning of pumpkin season!

This week we are also dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Although storm clean-up has forced us to take time away from other farm projects over the last two days, we feel very fortunate to have made it through the storm with limited damage. Over the years we have worked to improve drainage around the fields and plant grasses on the hillsides to prevent erosion, and we continue to see the benefit of these efforts with every storm that passes through Shelton. Several large trees were uprooted, a couple rows of grapes lost the support of their trellises in the vineyard, and parts of the farm are still without power, but for the most part we have weathered the storm well. Our thoughts are with those farmers and neighbors who were more severely impacted by Irene’s wind and rain.

Check back soon for updates on the fall harvest as we head out to the fields later this week for a survey of this year’s crop of pumpkins and winter squash!


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