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And So Here We Are


As I post this, I can see my belongings are packed up in boxes, waiting patiently by the door. If my lack of posting through October and November hasn’t been much of a tip, there has been a lot going on here on the farm–most of my days during the pumpkin and christmas tree seasons have been spent in the Harvest Kitchen baking thousands of cookies, though last week we finished baking the last of the trail mix cookies and began creating goods for the gift shop! What a lovely change of pace; I’ve become quite the master at baking granola and elected to make a couple of batches of this particular one from King Arthur for holiday presents. The recipe is called Vermont Maple Granola (they are based out of Vermont), but I used local maple syrup from Connecticut, so I suppose mine would be more properly called Connecticut Maple Granola.

Over the past week I have been oscillating between a heavy and light heart–I have met so many wonderful and beautiful people throughout these months, and to be sure I have never been very good at saying good-bye, so it is especially difficult for me. I have had opportunities and experiences that I never once thought would be possible; I have learned that I am capable of more than I have ever imagined. I moved here after reading a book! Who does that, really? Though, it seemed completely normal to me at the time, and I suppose that is another lesson to learn from this: Do what feels normal to your own heart, even if it may not make sense to most.

Above, you can see the adorable gingerbread house we were working on in the Canteen during Santa’s Weekend. Part of a little demonstration, it started out incredibly frustrating until one of our guests suggested using egg whites in the frosting as a binding agent. Such great advice! We got a little carried away with this one and made immense additions–a greenhouse, deck…there is even a second floor to this one right here and inside there is a ladder for the nonexistent occupants to venture downstairs.

These past seven months whizzed by; it feels as though just yesterday I was moving in and so nervous, and now I am moving on to the next thing. Strangely, I am not nervous this time around–I think this is because when I came here I was not particularly sure what was going to happen; my intention in coming here was to learn what on earth I had to contribute to the farming world, or at least move a little more in the right direction and find out if I am even cut out for this lifestyle.

And I have. I have gotten a little bit closer to figuring out what exactly I want to do in the farming world, but the most important part is the fact that I figured out that there isn’t anything I want to do more than working with animals and the land and teaching people about both. I have the Jones family to thank for that–for inviting me to their farm to work and live and figure this all out.


6 thoughts on “And So Here We Are

  1. I will miss seeing you up there, Stacia! It was quite a surprise the time I did see you. Needless to say, you were one of the last people I expected to see up there! So glad you have found an interest in the world that excites you! You’ve grown up into such a wonderful girl! Good luck with your book. Be sure to keep us in the loop on your progress. I know I would love to read it to my boys, who love to see the pigs at the farm.

  2. Stacia
    It was wonderful meeting you. I wish you the best in whatever you do.
    Have a Merry Christmas Betty

  3. Stacia, As we watch the seasons come and go here at the farm, it is hard to believe that your apprenticeship is over! You contributed so much here at the farm. You certainly did a little bit of everything – from picking strawberries to pruning Christmas trees, from caring for the pigs to selling veggies, from teaching kids about pumpkins to working with adults on how to cook local foods! Oh, how could I forget the cookies, cookies and more cookies! You have a wonderful smile and great enthusiasm in your voice when you are excited about something – what could be better than a young person like yourself being passionate about farms, farming and being a farmer! Glad we will continue to see you around the farms here in the White Hills!

    • Thank you Christiana. This means so much to me, I’m looking forward to working together again in the future!

  4. Dear Stacia,
    It has been a blessing seeing your smiling face at Jones Family Farm. Hopefully we’ll see each other next summer at a farmer’s market or around the town of Shelton. You are an excellent writer and I look forward to reading your children’s book in the future.

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