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Farm Projects: Winter Edition

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With plenty of sun and warm weather this season, the Jones farmers have been rolling through winter projects. Here’s a glimpse into the farm off-season, when we lay the groundwork for a successful harvest season!

Mulching the tree fields helps build soil health and conserve water!

If you have ever driven by our sky-high mulch piles on Route 110, you may have noticed how much we love compost! Late winter and early spring is the time when we spread those decomposing wood chips throughout our tree fields, strengthening the soil and preventing erosion.

Pruning blueberries before the spring’s new growth helps the plants produce more berries while staying in neat rows

Before this year’s spring growth begins, the farmers prune our 15 acres of blueberry plants to keep them producing the maximum amount of delicious berries and encourage healthy growth. All of that field work has us looking forward to a summer of juicy berries!

Just one pile of branches pruned from the blueberry fields!

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