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Pruning for the Future

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Good wine is made in the vineyard…starting with winter pruning projects!

Winter is a critical time to prepare for this fall’s grape harvest…and even next year’s harvest. Our winery staff has been diligently snipping through over 6 acres of grapes with hand shears to help shape the taste of our upcoming vintages.

Pruning canes takes a trained eye

At this point in the year, the vineyard looks like a tangle of dried grape vines. The canes overlap and reach towards the sky. Without careful management of these vines through pruning, the plant would spend its energy growing many different canes with lots of fruit. By directing the growth of just a small number of canes, our winemakers can encourage the vines to put their energy into growing higher quality grapes.

Before: Last year’s growth is taking over the vineyard

After the pruning is done the vineyard looks completely different! The orderly rows of grape vines await spring’s warmth and the sun’s rays to produce literally tons of grapes this year. Here’s to another successful season!

After: Grape vines ready to focus their spring growth for the fall harvest

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