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Little Green Spears

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Asparagus spears making a break through

The Harvest Kitchen’s asparagus crop has started to push through the soil – a sure sign of spring! The asparagus spears grow from a crown that is planted roughly one foot below the soil surface. Growers must be patient after planting a new crop, because the crowns need several years to become established before the spears should be harvested. Luckily, our asparagus planting is several years old, so we’ll be enjoying the deliciously crisp taste of fresh asparagus this spring (an incredibly different flavor experience than the spears typically found in grocery stores)! With beautiful weather conditions like today’s, an asparagus spear can grow up to 10 inches in 24 hours!

Ready to harvest

Asparagus spears are actually a stem! Once the harvest is over the spears will grow into ferns, and the plant will gather the nutrients needed to produce a healthy crop for next season!


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