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Buzzing Blueberries

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Blueberries are blossoming in the Coyote Den

We’re a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but flowers in our Coyote Den blueberry fields are open for business! The air is humming with huge bumblebees pollinating our blueberry bushes as they hunt for nectar. While many people think only of honeybees as a major pollinating species, the solitary bumblebee does a good deal of work on the farm to help us grow fruit. Without help from these busy bees we wouldn’t have a juicy blueberry crop to harvest this summer.

Because the farm spans so many acres of land, we often have different microclimates affecting the growth of crops in some areas of the farm. The blueberry fields at our Valley Farm have not begun blossoming yet due to colder temperatures in that area, but soon the bees will have a reason to visit those plants as well!

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