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Hives Hard at Work

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Honeybee hives at the Valley Farm pollinate the blueberry fields.

Several bee hives have set up shop in the Valley Farm to pollinate the blueberry fields. At this time of year early blossoms begin to appear in gardens and fields, and the bees bring nectar and pollen into the hive. The hive starts to burst with activity as new bees are born and food stores are restocked. Although this week’s weather has been keeping some of that activity in check (bees don’t like to fly in the rain), the hives are still buzzing with the work of gathering food.

Worker bees collect nectar and pollen to feed the hive and build up food stores.

Honeybees account for nearly 80% of all insect pollination in agriculture. A local beekeeper keeps several hives at the farm, helping to pollinate our crops while allowing his bees access to huge quantities of nectar during bloom periods. Each year he will collect the extra honey from these hives and bottle his local product fresh from the comb!

Nectar from blueberry blossoms creates honey that is the color of amber.

Depending on nectar source, honey can be a variety of colors and flavors. Bees tend to focus on one nectar source at a time, so if beekeepers removes honeycomb after a major bloom period has passed they can collect single varietal honey. Blueberry honey has a light amber color, with a distinct berry flavor on the finish. Yum!


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