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Preserving the Taste of Summer

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Freshly harvested strawberries in the farm’s walk-in cooler, waiting to be made into jam at the end of a previous harvest season.

Peak season picking is upon us, and the fields are filled with literally tons of berries. Strawberry season passes by in a flash, and preserving the harvest has always been an important part of the farm life. There is nothing like the taste of summer berries in the depths of winter to stir dreams of a new harvest season. The summer interns are busy harvesting berries to make fresh strawberry jam, and based on conversations with our visitors it sounds like many of you are too!

If you’ve never tried making jam or canning food, now is the perfect time to try! The smaller berries ripening at this point of the season are packed with intense flavor, perfect for homemade jam. The library is packed with books on preserving foods, and how-to videos are available on many internet sites.

If you’re still looking for more hands-on instruction check out the Harvest Kitchen’s series of Farm Food Preservation workshops in August! As an early fruit strawberries will be long gone by that time, but August is the time when gardens are bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables in Connecticut. Canning and jam-making are just two of the ways to preserve the harvest and spread the wealth all year long!

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