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Farm online – how we use it

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The Jones Family Farms wants you to have a fantastic experience when you visit as our guest.  One way we do that is providing you information to become educated as to what we offer and how we operate so that your visit will be all that it can be.

Crop Report Telephone: 203-929-8425

First and foremost, while not an online reference, we must begin with our “Crop Report” telephone message.  It is updated regularly throughout all of the seasons, making it a handy and important reference to call before you visit, even if you have been here before!  During a summer crop’s season, we can shift between our farm areas that have the most available crop to provide a better harvest experience for our guests, so you can even give it a call en-route.  If weather or localized traffic might impact your visit – Farmer Jones is quick to update the telephone recording so you are informed.  The Crop Report message has been made available for years via the same telephone number: 203-929-8425


The core online presentation is our website.  It is the first place you should visit to learn about the farm.  The main landing page has a brief synopsis regarding activities that are occurring currently on the farm.  There are tabs for the Farm (and the crops grown), the Winery (with its tasting room and our wine list), the Kitchen (with our recipes and cooking classes), Events on the farm (both Cooking and Wine education classes), Learning experiences on the farm (Fall School programs, Walks & Talks) and a tab regarding guidelines as well as answers to frequently asked questions for when you Visit our farm.


A great deal of our interactions online take place via Facebook.  You don’t have to be a registered user to make use of the site, but if you are, many more options are available to you for posting a message on our timeline or sending a message to us privately.  Facebook serves as a way for us to promote upcoming events and crops to our guests and dialog about them, as well as providing a way for us to share tidbits of the farm’s operations and history.


Some folks prefer the Twitter social network over Facebook.  Currently we stream all our posts made on Facebook to carry through onto Twitter.  We do respond to Direct Messages made via Twitter, but know that all interactions under this channel can be viewed by the public.

This is the social network hosted by Google, and we make informational posts on it separate from those on Facebook or Twitter.  Although it has a smaller user base for fans of the farm, the integration with other Google services is important.  Information we have provided for our page’s profile, feeds into Google’s search engine results, and you do need to have a Google Plus identity to comment on our Youtube videos.


We are a working farm, and folks want to know – what are you doing on the farm today?  A photo that is either timely or informative to be shared on it’s own will be done via the instagram image sharing platform.  Since our imagery can only be shared by us via a mobile device, you will find that they will be a “boots in the field” type of photograph to graphically tell the story of what we are doing at the moment as farmers.


In contrast to Instagram being a tool to instantly share timely images with others, Pinterest is an image archiving platform where photos are pinned onto boards in a way that keeps them organized around a subject matter which can then be used for future reference or inspiration, such as for recipes or places to visit.  Current boards exist for our crops (Strawberry, Blueberry, Pumpkins, Christmas Trees), winery and kitchen, as well as ornaments, winery tasting glasses, stone walls on the farm, and a “general” board.


This is a video-clip creation and hosting service that has the limitation of 6 seconds maximum length.  This puts our focus on efficiently communicating an activity or setting in a way that is somewhere between a static photo and a full length video.  The video clip can only be created and shared via a mobile device, so the content is always related to a present state of activity on the farm. Update 2017: This service (owned by Twitter) was discontinued for new content submission.


This is a video hosting service, as well as a social network where people can watch, rate and comment on videos we post.  Our focus for this platform is to use the greater length and caption capabilities to be more descriptive regarding activities to prepare our crops for harvest, along with aspects of farming that come under the umbrella of “Good Agricultural Practices”.


This is an audio hosting service, as well as social network where people can listen to, rate and comment on recordings we post.  We hope to create audio that you can choose to listen to while visiting the farm, and augment your in-person experience with a farmer’s perspective of what you are looking at.


This is a geo-centric social network where you “check-in” to tell your circle of friends where you are at, or leave a “tip” to anyone in the public that might check in there subsequently.  There are three physical street addresses for the farm areas that make up the Jones Family Farms, but we added specific Winery and Harvest Kitchen place-holder references to create a total of five virtual locations for you to “check-in” at.


This is a professional social network, and if you have ever worked at the farm and want to illustrate that association with us accurately on your resume, this will help.



Author: Farmer Tom

Caring for facilities that have withstood tests of the past, so they can contribute toward the tasks of today and withstand the challenges of the future.

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