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Santa’s list and math

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One of the themes of the farm is to Educate, and Celebrate.  There are many examples from the farm that teachers may use as illustration to educate, and here is one courtesy of Santa!

Santa visits Jones Farm

Santa’s elf helps him keep good records!

Santa keeps copious records beyond a simple naughty and nice list.  He has many toys to make by his Christmas deadline, inventory to manage, elves to keep busy in the workshop, etc.  Much of his work is accomplished with simple math.

Santa shares his statistics with us regarding his visits to the farm.  He traditionally visits the farm on the weekend just previous to Christmas, and takes time to meet all the people (young and old) who want to see him.

In 2013, Santa’s helper noted that there were 9 children that were crying when they met Santa.  In 2014, the records indicate that there were 8 children crying.  What trend or conclusion would you draw from Santa’s records?

Looking deeper into Santa’s data: 267 children visited him in 2013, and 218 children visited in 2014.  Would you change your conclusions given this extra information?

Teachers can draw up your own question list.


Author: Farmer Tom

Caring for facilities that have withstood tests of the past, so they can contribute toward the tasks of today and withstand the challenges of the future.

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