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Several years ago, the farm created a website which provided information about our farm that guests could readily view to prepare for a visit.  Much has changed since then, and we have updated our website in response to how our guests have used it.

Screenshot_2016-03-01-19-46-50Over 75% of our viewers now visit our website via a mobile device.  Our new website is now “responsive” so that your experience is optimized for how it is being viewed, be that a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

If you are on a tablet or mobile phone, the manner in which you hold the phone will cause the website to respond with a landscape or portrait orientation to fill the screen.

If you are familiar with mobile website viewing, you may recognize the bars in the upper right corner of the photo on the left, to be a menu drop-down, providing quick access to deeper pages of our website.

In a laptop-view photo, it’s easier to illustrate some of the new features added to our website.  Follow along below with some screen-shots.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 desktop

Our menus are now a drop-down style, and if you hover over a top level menu item such as “Kitchen”, you can go deeper via a direct jump to a particular webpage.

The top of our page will have upcoming events at the farm.  In the above illustration it shows the times our Winery is open for the spring season, and an upcoming event at Easter.

Social media wasn’t a facet of society when we first constructed our website, but we now have a presence on all the social media platforms.  Our site provides links for you to follow/like our feed/channel on some of the top platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  Of course we are also on Youtube, Pinterest, Google+ and many others, but we had to stop somewhere on our page!

Screenshot 2016-03-01 desktop2

Speaking of social media, our homepage shows our Twitter feed (the last several tweets), so even if you aren’t a member of these various social media platforms, you can see what we are posting upon them!  Please understand that we do not have some far-off dedicated social media team in an office, but rather we farmers are often in our fields attending to crops or guests, so we may be delayed in some of our responses, but they will be authentic!

We have a dedicated paragraph we update seasonally to let you know generally what is going on at the farm at this time.  In the above example, we are looking forward to opening our Winery for the season in just a few days.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 desktop3.jpg

Maybe you have found our webpage you want to share with others, such as the recipe to our popular “Trail Mix Holiday Cookie”.  Sure you can copy/paste the browser’s address into an email, but now you can directly pin, tweet, share or like a particular page from our website!  For example, if you are looking to visit our strawberry fields in June, you could head to our “Plan Your Visit” page, and immediately share it with your social network of friends (assuming you are logged into your social network) to co-ordinate a visit together.

If social networks and regularly visiting our website isn’t convenient, how about receiving an occasional newsletter from the farm?  We now have an easy method for subscribing to the three newsletters we offer (Jones Family Farms News, Jones Winery, Harvest Kitchen), as shown to the right of the above screenshot.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 desktop4.jpg

Do you need driving directions to the farm?  People often forget that our activities occur at three distinct locations across the seasons (and it can often change daily as to where we are harvesting our delicious berries).  We have feature pages for each farm location with directions in text form, or a link to take you directly to Google Maps and automate your mobile device’s audible instructions guiding you to the specific farm you are visiting.

The website also has e-commerce capability and is the place to visit if you want to register for our cooking classes, or purchase gift certificates online.

Of course,the best way to experience our farm is to visit in person.  Despite all these technological marvels – we still have the old reliable Crop Report Message to call and hear the guaranteed updated message from our farmers regarding what is currently happening at the farm. During our harvest seasons, Farmer Jones updates that message daily (sometimes again during the day as weather can change) to give you the current crop conditions.  That Crop Report number has been the same for many years: 203-929-8425.

We look forward to seeing you out at the farm, where “Memories Are Always In Season”!



Author: Farmer Tom

Caring for facilities that have withstood tests of the past, so they can contribute toward the tasks of today and withstand the challenges of the future.

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