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100 Days.

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Today, September 16th, is 100 days till Christmas.  To some that may seem like a long way off, and about this time is when folks are upset about seeing winter season displays in stores when it hasn’t even finished summer (that technically occurs on September 22nd)!

It is a VERY busy time for the farm now.  We post regular photos of our farmers at work behind the scenes on our Instagram feed, and long-form videos on our Youtube Chanel. Here is a sampling of what is occurring here this week.


IMG_20150916_141454199.jpgWe are busy harvesting the pumpkins as this crop has become ready.  Beyond the traditional jack-o-lantern carving pumpkin, we have many other ornamental squash and gourds, and harvesting these fields allows us to disc the soil and seed it with a cover crop of grass to get established before the winter.

Sugar Pumpkin Flower Wall (1).jpgHarvesting pumpkins now and placing them in our barns to “cure” (the outer skin hardens a bit) makes it tougher for the skin to avoid being blemished or nicked.  We have MANY edible squashes and delight in the many recipes that utilize them over the colder months of fall and on into winter (squash can store very well if kept in a cool dry place).  Our website has many recipes for your inspiration.

Staff have been busy creating a new theme for the Pumpkin Season!  This year’s theme is a new one for the farm, and it incorporates many educational elements that are also entertaining!

Pumpkin Season begins on Saturday September 24th at our Pumpkinseed Hill Farm location: 120 Beardsley Road.  Follow our signage as your phone or GPS is often incorrect.


The Winery aspect of the farm is one enjoyed by more people every year as new vintages of our wines are produced.  Currently, the Winery’s Tasting Room is open Thu-Sun, 11a-5p.  Stop by an see why we like to say “Memories Are Always in Season”!  There is much information on our website regarding a Wine Tasting Experience, the various wines we offer, and most other aspects related to a visit.IMG_20160914_122339126.jpg

2016 is the 100th anniversary of the Big E Exposition where this year our wines were judged as some of the best!  Our Pinot Gris was awarded a Bronze Medal, with a Gold Medal going to our Woodlands White, Blueberry Bliss, and Ripton Red.  Our First Blush received the 2nd highest ranking of all wines at the entire competition, and was awarded a Double Gold Medal!  Our staff will be at the Big E again this year, so give them your congratulations if you stop by!

IMG_1530.JPGThis is the time of year when our vintner has completed the process of production in our fermentation tanks, and the bottling begins!  All of our fermentation, finishing, aging and bottling is done right here at the farm, and there is great satisfaction to see all the hard work come to a conclusion with the bottle sealed and labeled!


IMG_20151015_145740262.jpgThen of course, there is the current year’s harvest of grapes from the vineyard!  Thankfully the different varietals become ripe and different times, and not all at once!  Removal of nets that have protected the crop from birds is the first step, then the harvest begins in earnest to collect the grapes into large bins which we put into refrigeration units to chill them down.

The Winery’s Tasting Room is located at our Homestead Farm location: 606 Walnut Tree Hill Road.  Please note that our pumpkins and winery are separate addresses.  Our website has detailed information for visiting either of our farm locations.

Christmas Trees:

IMG_20160907_150657340.jpgThe Christmas Tree season will be upon us shortly after Pumpkin season, and some preparations for that winter period are already underway!  We have done some regrading in the barnyard, painting of buildings, and replacement of sub-grade pipe infrastructure.  With the Winery’s Tasting Room open Thu-Sun, that gives us a short window of Mon-Wed to do this work.

You may have noticed the refurbished stone wall along the parking lot at our Homestead Farm.  That was all part of this year’s improvement to the Homestead Farm’s setting for arriving guests!



The popular Harvest Kitchen Cooking Classes have a few openings, but many are fully subscribed.  There are many exciting offerings as each class is a unique experience.

The fall school programs are fully subscribed and our educators are excited to welcome the students to learn about how we grow pumpkins, squash and gourds!

As always, our Crop Report Message (203-929-8425) is the current and regularly updated information for what is occurring around the farm.

Our website is an excellent resource for information about most every aspect about the farm.  That URL is



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