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Spring-ing into action

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As we kick away the last piles of snow around the farm, the life of the farm jump-starts into high gear from the “Quiet” season of January thru March.

Staff attended enrichment visits this past winter to become trained for safety, educated at conferences, and certified in various respects at seminars and classes.  It’s always informative to see how other farms operate and the markets they serve.


Photo from a greenhouse at another farm visited during our winter season.

College interns were interviewed during their spring breaks, and a team is being assembled for our summer Berry Season!  We are even already starting to address what the Pumpkin Season theme will be for October!

JFF Summer Staff at the Memorial Day Parade - Thumbs Up!

Our summer intern team from a few years ago!  Every year is a fresh set of faces!

The Winery’s Tasting Room opened on on Friday March 3rd.  Plan a visit during its spring hours (Fri-Sun, 11a-5p).  There is a wide variety of gift ideas, and it’s always a fresh experience to visit with new craft items from many of our local artists and vendors.


Interesting gift ideas for wedding, or other special occasions, available in our Tasting Room.

We have some exciting news regarding current offerings from our Winery!  Our “Seven Generations” port-style wine is back on the shelves!  It proves very popular near Christmas, and our inventory was completely sold before December ended. Never fear!  We had the next vintage aging in oak barrels for 2yrs, and bottled it on March 31st.

Port with glass in TR  Brandi.JPG

Seven Generations, a delicious port- style wine.  A “Special Tasting” occurs on weekends.


In the photo you can see the historic weather vane that used to be on top of the building when it was an active Dairy Barn.  This served as inspiration for this year’s design on the commemorative Tasting Glass guests receive as part of a Wine Tasting Experience.Cheese Tapas Pinot Ripton

We also have Cheese Tapas Boxes available from our Harvest Kitchen!  Learning about how flavors interact to heighten a culinary experience is always a joy!

When visiting the Tasting Room, inquire about our new “Friends Of The Winery” Program.  You will learn about specialty wine events, be the first to learn about new wines, and accumulate points for each dollar spent in the Tasting Room toward earning special discount on a future wine purchase.  Ask our Winery staff about Program details and sign-up during your next visit!


Our “Summer Garden Series” of Cooking Classes has just been published.  You can register for them online, or in person when visiting the Winery.  All classes are taught on Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm, from mid-July tf2fa9-26448_375371319052_42413034052_3713820_108428_nhrough August.

Other events soon to occur at the farm is the Ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service held annually at the top of our Homestead Farm’s “Candy Cane Hill” location.  (2017: Sunday, April 16th, 5:45 AM)

Out in the fields, our Christmas Tree transplanting activity has begun this week!  We pull trees from our nurseries where they have been growing from a seedling for 2 years.  This video from 2009 shows the same process we follow every year in the nursery.

Once pulled from our nursery we ready them in our trucks for transport to the fields.

Let the Planting Season Begin!

It planting in a new field, or renovating an existing field, we spot-mark each location where a tree will be planted,  and dig a hole to ready for a tree.


When the tree is transplanted, a good course of composting wood chops on top helps retain moisture around the plant, suppresses weeds, and amends the soil.

The Life Of Your Christmas Tree

Elsewhere on the farm, the straw is ready to be removed from the strawberry plants after having protected it from the harsh colds of winter.  It’s now time to absorb the sun, get growing, and then ripen as we approach a typical harvest start of early June.


As always, if you want to hear the latest updates about the farm before you visit – Give a call to our Crop Report message at 203-929-8425.  Our website is a great resource to learn more about the farm and all it’s seasons.






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